UNIMETRA je dlouhodobým distributorem měřidel a měřicích přístrojů HELIOS-PREISSER.


HELIOS·PREISSER - In Germany at home, in demand worldwide

Within a short period of time, the young HELIOS·PREISSER brand has become well established worldwide and the quality image for manual measurement further improved. This trend is underscored by the new addition "In Germany at home - in demand worldwide".

Quality is our trademark - an indispensable service mark, so that we are using all the components that combine perfectly. With this strategy, the customer-orientated, efficient and uncomplicated support, over and above the entire process chain, provides advantages for you: fast delivery, high availability and our "Made in Germany" philosophy - as a partner, we want to provide a quality standard in all areas and thus create value for you.

We are firmly convinced that teamwork does always succeed strongly when it is based on linking values; let us therefore work together with open dialogues and excellent products in joint success.

Challenge us and expect more than the usual!

Helios-Preisser Helios-Preisser

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